If it’s going to be this cold, I want snow.

So, it’s been a hot minute. A LOT has happened. Let’s catch up.

1. Twenty-Something Traveler Radio Feature


I’ve been approached countless times with the same question, “what should I do while I’m in Boston?” Well, here’s your answer! Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on Jess Goulart‘s BreakThru Radio show, the Twenty-Something Traveller. It was an absolute blast to chat with Jess and give my local, twenty-something perspective on what to do while in Boston. Check it out here, where I take you through what to do as you sashay through Boston proper.

2. I’m not quite ready to let Christmas go yet

Weren’t my ornaments so festive?!

I already miss the Miser Brothers and Alvin.

3. Just for Kiix have changed my life for the better


Between work, class, going out and shopping, I’m constantly prancing around the city in my designer heels and I HATE when I get those little ding marks on my shoes. Just for Kiix is a revolutionary high heel protectant designed to shield heels against scuff marks, nicks, and general wear and tear. They’ve changed my life. Seriously.

4. Hi, McCafe! I’ll have a small coffee. Black.


Coffee is essential to my life. McCafe makes an amazing cup of coffee. Black, please. (I’m #hardcore.)

5. Being cold is a lifestyle and that’s why we have Marley Lilly Blanket Scarves


Winter fashion is my favorite, mainly because of SCARVES.

6. Fantasy Football CHAMP


I won my league. Bam. Thank you, DeMarco Murray. #YouCantFootballWithUs

(But, seriously, I’m putting this on my application to become the next Bachelorette.)

7. 2015, Sup.



The ice sculptures on display at Faneuil Hall are simply amazing. Happy New Year everyone!


Hell On Heels Girl

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