Now Playing: First Edition

Hey #HellOnHeels Fans! Here’s your first edition of the Now Playing segment. I decided on seven songs because I love all numbers ending in 7. I’m ridiculous, but you’ll love it. Enjoy!

1. “Hell On Heels” by Pistol Annies

Was there seriously any doubt what the first song was going to be? It’s my anthem (any sassy girl can relate!) Music Video.

2. “A Little Taste” by Skyler Stonestreet

As heard on the ABC commercial for the Sunday night fall line up. It’s so seductive and a great change of pace. Also, calling it now, potential Fifty Shades of Grey theme song? Mark my words. Your heard it first from the Hell On Heels Girl. Music Video

3. “Country Music Jesus” by Eric Church

Eric is KING. One of my favorite lines from the song, “We need a second comin’ worse than bad. Some long haired hippie prophet, preachin’ from the book of Johnny Cash.” Country. Music. GOLD. (There is no music video, but it’s obviously on You Tube.)

4. “Cruise” by the Florida Georgia Line

Came to me as a suggestion by my darling cousin. Newly obsessed. A MUST listen to while driving. Music Video

5. “Lonely Boy” by The Black Keys

Repeats on repeats on repeats. This is on my “fall country” playlist. It’s not even country. That’s how much I love it. Music Video

6. “Runaway” by Love and Theft

One of my favorite songs, hands down. During CMA Fest Nashville this past June I had the opportunity to watch them perform this song live about a gazillion times and I love it more and more every time. PERFECT for when you need an escape. Music Video

7. “Gangnam Style” by Psy

My best friend sent me this video in early August via iMessage saying “YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS. IT’S BASICALLY THE KOREAN VERSION OF JUMP ON IT.” I can neither confirm nor deny that I have done the dance while frequenting the Boston bar scene. So necessary and acceptable. And now this song is an American sensation (spotted on the DWTS commercial, insanity, I KNOW.) Here’s the ORIGINAL. And here is the AMAZING COVER which I discovered today and one of the reasons this song made the list. Watch the video, learn the dance moves and listen to the song.

xoxo, Hell On Heels Girl 


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